Performance Analysis of Adaptive Location Update Schemes for Continuous Cell Zooming Algorithm in Wireless Networks

  • Khin Cho Tun Mandalay Technological University
  • Kunagorn Kunavut Assumption University


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To reduce the transmitted power of base stations in mobile wireless networks, continuous cell zooming algorithm is a feasible dynamic cell zooming algorithm. In this algorithm, location management is required in order to know the locations of users. Movement-based Update is not compatible and the application of Convention Periodic Update (CPU) scheme in continuous cell zooming algorithm can lead to a high signaling cost. Thus, aiming to highlight the effectiveness of newly proposed location update schemes, Time-Adaptive Periodic Update (TAPU) and Location-Adaptive Periodic Update (LAPU), a simulation-based performance analysis is conducted. Applying in continuous cell zooming algorithm, the performances of TAPU and LAPU are compared to that of Convention Periodic Update (CPU) scheme in terms of transmitted power ratio, outage ratio and the number of update messages. The performances of TAPU and LAPU are analyzed in a network with different number of users and in a network with different average moving speeds of users. The results show that compared to CPU, both TAPU and LAPU have no significant effect on power saving capability of continuous cell zooming algorithm in every scenario. Meanwhile, LAPU and TAPU give a significant reduction of update messages in every scenario. In terms of QoS effect, LAPU gives approximately the same outage ratio as CPU and a higher outage ratio occurs in TAPU.

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Author Biographies
Khin Cho Tun

Department of Electronic Engineering, Mandalay Technological University, Mandalay, Myanmar

Kunagorn Kunavut

Department of Communication and Computer Network Technology, Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology, Assumption University, Thailand

Vol 20 No 1, Jan 29, 2016
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K. Tun and K. Kunavut, “Performance Analysis of Adaptive Location Update Schemes for Continuous Cell Zooming Algorithm in Wireless Networks”, Eng. J., vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 137-153, Jan. 2016.

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