Evaluation of EZStrobe Simulation System as a Tool in Productivity Analysis - A Case Study: Precast Concrete Hollow-Core Slab Installation


  • Wisoot Jiradamkerng Rangsit University




EZStrobe, Construction Process Simulation, Productivity, Multiple-Activity-Chart.


This research's objective was to evaluate the EZStrobe simulation system as a tool in productivity analysis by selecting precast concrete hollow-core slab installation work as a case study. The study started from determination of work elements of precast concrete slab installation work, after that the time data for each work element were collected from construction site to meet 95% confidence interval and 5% limit of error. The Multiple-Activity-Chart then was created, using average time required for each work element, to derive for cycle time of installation work. The alternated tool, EZStrobe simulation system, then was introduced to determine for cycle time by creating a model with stochastic time data. The results, in term of basic cycle time and idle time percentages, from simulation had been compared with deterministic method, Multiple-Activity-Chart model, which validated that EZStrobe simulation system could well represent the construction process. After that, more complicated model was created to see the effectiveness of the system by simulating more realistic site conditions e.g. limited space for hollow-core slab truck in site, number of precast concrete slab per truck. The required results; basic cycle time (min), standard cycle time (min), productivity (pieces/day and square meter/day), and unit cost (Baht/piece); were also formulated in this new model. These outcomes were very useful for construction planning, scheduling and unit cost estimation. Furthermore, the EZStrobe simulation system could give the insight understanding of construction processes for work study and improvement. After all evaluation, the researcher found that this non-commercial EZStrobe simulation system was very worth using for productivity analysis and also the user-friendly Microsoft Visio© interfaces were truly enhanced the system performances, especially in creating the models.


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Author Biography

Wisoot Jiradamkerng

Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Rangsit University, 52/347 Muang Ake, Phaholyothin Road, Lakhok, Pathumthani 12000, Thailand


Published In
Vol 17 No 2, Nov 25, 2012
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W. Jiradamkerng, “Evaluation of EZStrobe Simulation System as a Tool in Productivity Analysis - A Case Study: Precast Concrete Hollow-Core Slab Installation”, Eng. J., vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 75-84, Nov. 2012.