Acid-Pepsin Soluble Collagen from Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Scales


  • Settakorn Upasen Burapha University
  • Kornrat Naeramitmarnsuk Burapha University
  • Christian Antonio University of Queensland
  • Susan Roces De La Salle University
  • Héctor Morillas University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
  • Piyachat Wattanachai Department of Chemical Engineering, Faulty of Engineering, Burapha University



collagen, fish scales, enzymatic extraction, acid extraction, seawater fish, freshwater fish


Extraction and characterization of acid soluble collagen (ASC) and pepsin soluble collagen (PSC) from scales of Giant groupers (saltwater fish) and Nile tilapia (freshwater fish) were carried out in this research.  Due to a higher protein content in scales, collagen yield extracted from the Giant groupers scales was higher than that of the Nile tilapia scales.  The yield increased as extraction time increased for both ASC and PSC and pepsin extraction resulted in higher yields than acid extraction.  Even though there were differences in collagen yields, collagen characteristics were independent of the scale sources but some differences were observed for the ASC and PSC.  The peptide hydrolysis patterns of the ASC showed a wide range of molecular weights whereas all of the PSC had similar molecular weight of around 42 kDa.  FTIR spectra showed that all the collagens remained the triple helical structure though ASC might be self-aggregated.  From zeta potential analysis, net charge of zero was found at pH 3.2-4.0 and the dynamic light scattering suggested that the average particle sizes at pH 11-12 were around 100-200 nm.  The denaturation temperatures (Tds) in a range of 35-42oC indicated that the collagens were considerably thermally stable.


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Author Biographies

Settakorn Upasen

Chemical Engineering Department, Burapha University, Seak Sook, Muang, Chonburi 20131, Thailand

Kornrat Naeramitmarnsuk

Chemical Engineering Department, Burapha University, Seak Sook, Muang, Chonburi 20131, Thailand

Christian Antonio

University of Queensland, Indoorpilly, Brisbane, QLD 4608, Australia

Susan Roces

Chemical Engineering Department, De La Salle University, Manilla 0922, Philippines

Héctor Morillas

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), 48080 Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain


Published In
Vol 23 No 5, Sep 30, 2019
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S. Upasen, K. Naeramitmarnsuk, C. Antonio, S. Roces, H. Morillas, and P. Wattanachai, “Acid-Pepsin Soluble Collagen from Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Scales”, Eng. J., vol. 23, no. 5, pp. 183-195, Sep. 2019.